Stores that carry us:        • Hudson Greene Market 77 Hudson St, Jersey City, NJ

                                                         • Market Basket 813 Franklin Lake Rd, Franklin Lakes, NJ

                                                         • Westside Market 84 3rd Ave, New York

                                                         + many more!!


Spēka is a snack with a cottage cheese center and a delicious
coating of chocolate or caramel that you will LOVE!
Improve your snacking behavior with Spēka.

You'll love us even more because...


The different
shades of Spēka:

Vanilla.  Just a hint of vanilla is how to describe the taste of the cottage cheese center. The chocolate coating tastefully starts and finishes the experience!
A classic taste!

Salted Caramel.  This flavor is in the coating: a bit of salt accents the sweet, buttery caramel taste. The center is slightly sweet, but more neutral. A favorite for many!

Greek Yogurt.  The sweet, buttery chocolate coating provides a delightful contrast  to the slightly tangy center. Our Greek Yogurt is sure to satisfy.

All of our ingredients are natural and we have kept them as simple as possible!

Our Nutritional Information


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