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The "snacking value" of Spēka.

As the afternoon rolls around, energy from lunch is dissipating. One seeks a quick fix, an additional boost to get us through the pm. A snack is grabbed. It can be chips, an ice cream bar, a candy bar, an apple. Chips are great, but one chip can lead to another and soon you are halfway through the bag! An ice cream bar resolves the hunger, as does the candy bar, but at a cost of, sometimes 200 or 300 calories – The sugar energy wears off, and soon you need something else. An apple is healthier, a lower calorie count, but are the stomach pangs cured? So enter the Spēka cottage cheese bar.

Spēka has a unique balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat to satfisfy you now, but also later. The sugar amount of 8 grams (Vanilla) is not much, but enough, the protein and fat then takes over for extended energy. The components are not overpowering by themselves, but in combination it comes out "just right" (yup, like Goldilocks' porridge! : ) ). We call that snacking satisfaction! We look to cut our caloric and fat intake and the FDA now suggests to limit sugars. So if we can achieve satisfaction with less, we have made a gain towards our goals! And that is "snacking value" - less is more!

Our "discovery" of "snacking value".

In searching for some marketing help, we visited an advertising agency that was almost next door to us. The appointment was at 5 and we had brought some samples our our cottage cheese bar (unnamed at that point). The representative tasted it, we discussed the product, and after a bit she noted that she was satisfied - she needed nothing else. The meeting lasted an hour and still no hunger pangs. That was the "aha" moment, that the product that we loved would be the perfect afternoon snack!

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